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Your unique website needs to be visually attractive and engaging to your exiating and potential new customers. However you also need a strong tructure with clear navigation so users can easily find information or products that they searching looking for.

1981 Design Web Designer & Developer Graeme works to create websites that fit visually with your company's style and branding which deliver an appealing and easy to navigate site for your customers. The functionally within your website is built from the start with the design tailored around it to ensure that your unique site works in exactly the way that you need it to and assure you that we can integrate all necessary systems such as a booking, payment or gateway.

We are experienced in creating all types of websites, including static site or websites that use 'off-the-shelf' content management systems including websites that use our bespoke content management system tailored to the particular needs of our clients.

In today’s world of ecommerce is it essential that any website can be viewed and navigated on a mobile or table device as well as a PC. 1981 Design will not only deliver a desktop version of your website but will ensure the design is responsive ensuring that your customers can browse and use the site without difficulty, no matter which of their devices they're using.

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Online shopping continues to grow and there are a number of different ‘off-the-shelf' ecommerce systems that have been designed to make it easier for companies to get their shop online. Off-the-shelf ecommerce solutions however do not always meet all of your needs.

1981 Design’s ecommerce solutions are developed with a modular system design which allows us to create any custom feature you may require without the need for wholesale changes to the coding of your system. This means that whatever package you choose you are not stuck with it and won’t need to pay over the odds to change it. Whether you would like a unique feature at the outset or you decide in the future you would like a feature added our modular framework means you still pay exactly the same.

1981 Design’s ecommerce packages can additionally be added onto virtually any website and are very simple to use and are totally secure, reliable and built from the bottom up so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Your unique company branding is most important when portraying your image and what it stands for to your customers, potential customers and other external parties. You could be a start-up company that is searching for your unique identity and logo, or looking to refresh your existing logo and branding. 1981 Design can help! We are extensively experienced in working closely with our clients to create logos and branding that represent your company and what you do in a clear and standout from the crowd way.

Your brand is more than just your logo and 1981 Design are experienced in generating unique branding, including guidelines on colour palettes, typefaces, font sizes, document layout and image style. We can also take your branding and create a dedicated set of templates for frequently used documents and a full set of brand guidelines to refer to on all future projects.

We can set up and brand all of your social media accounts for you, ensuring that your company's presence across the web is consistent. We can also work with you to create a social media content strategy and, where required, writing and scheduling social media posts.

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1981 Design has helped my Restaurant with their amazing art work and flyers. I thought the time difference would be a problem as I am in Australia and they are in the UK but I was wrong. They always managed to get my work done and within a tight deadline. Everyone has said how great they look and I have handed out their number to my customers. I will be working with them again and again. The process is easy.

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Wow is all I can say. 1981 Design has turned my business idea into a reality. The time in which things materialised was amazing. A very professional company and a pleasure to deal with. In fact my website visitor statistics has almost doubled in the past few weeks and part of that is because of the fantastic design of my website. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to others. Thank you very much 1981 Design!

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1981 Design is based in Berkshire.

We have been designing since 1999 and have completed work for numerous companies of all sizes.

We offer an exceptional and speedy service and will exceed your own expectations by offering superb Web Design, Advertising and Branding.

When you deal with 1981 Design you deal with us directly. We will work on your project until you are 100% happy with what we have created.

We are able to offer you a fantastic service at affordable prices. No Web Design or Graphic Design project is too big or too small for us. From single paged websites to a multitude of pages, we have helped lots of companies all over the UK and the World with their Full On-Line Web Development potential.